Mandy May 


What an amazing experience and what a hidden treasure The Lounge is. The decor, the lighting effects, video and sound system - its all there. 

On entering the reception/meet and greet area, I felt so welcome. It was set up perfectly with the champaign poured and the topless waiter, in a bow tie, standing ready to look after guests! 

The decor in The Lounge is stunning and Christine had added to this with her four beautiful bustiers, dressing them up in the appropriate bridal attire! These had been placed in great visible areas. In addition to this, Chris had gone the extra mile and had made up photo boards of my wonderful friends and family. 

I have been to several functions since then and each time I have been blown away by the versatility and dedication shown by both Chris and Tony. Whether it is a sit down dinner or a cocktail party the level of organisation is second to none. It would also be an excellent venue for business meetings or small conferences. 

I can not recommend The Lounge highly enough. 

Paul Brown


Hi Chris, 

I wanted to share some news with you and Tony. 

Last year I purchased a colonoscopy at your charity auction. To be honest I didn't even know wha it was until I got home! 

I head the material and it had taken until now to have it done - being a typical male, and not keen on anything or anyone fiddling around the back door. Haha! 

Finally got it done a couple of weeks ago and found two polyp's - nothing to worry about - but also an 8mm polyp stage 3, caught just in time according to the specialist. 

So, thanks guys, I think you have saved my life - literally - as you obviously know what stage 3 goes to. 

A clear case in my mind as a result of a great cause, which in my case resulted in a life changing result - a good result, instead of the normal one, as without your auction I wouldn't have had the colonoscopy and the eventual result would have been inevitable. 

Keep up the great work. I am a success story from your efforts and I definitely owe you both heaps. 

Regards and Merry Christmas,

Paul Brown 

Margaret Armstrong


My husband and I celebrated our birthdays together in November 2017, both reaching the age of 70 we made it a 140th Birthday celebration. The Lounge is a superb venue for all celebrations and really does have the wow factor - Howick's best kept secret indeed. All 70 guests were in awe of the venue, the decor with its antique typewriter, one of many items placed around the rooms to the saxophone beer dispenser and walk through wardrobe to the bar. One could attend an evening not knowing many of the other guests but would not be bored, spending the evening admiring the many objects etc. The food could not be faulted and there was plenty. 

Thank you Chris and Tony, you went all out to make our evening a night to be remembered. 



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